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Looking for some good, clean RSS readers! Google Reader just doesn't do it for me, somehow – there's something clunky about it.

I am running 10.6 and do not plan on upgrading to Lion.

(My reasons for this, as I expect people to ask: I rely on my copy of Adobe CS5 that is not entirely legal, and $20 is a HUGE amount of money for me right now. I just bought this $2,000 computer a year ago!)
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I just got a notice from Quicken saying that Quicken for Mac will not work on Lion, so anyone planning to upgrade their OS will have to switch to another money management app. They want to sell me Quicken Essentials, their "lite" version of Quicken, but a quick scan of reviews says Quicken Essentials is awful, and besides, I'm not inclined to give Quicken any more of my money if they're going to abandon their Mac users like that.

So, for the first time in forever, I'm in the market for a new money app. I've downloaded demos of iBank and Money and so far I hate them both with a passion, but I'll keep fiddling with them until the trial periods run out and see if I can make do with either one.

Does anyone here have any experience with these or any other Mac financial app?

Things I want:
- ability to schedule recurring transactions
- reminders for upcoming bills
- track investments (mutual funds, IRAs, TDAs)
- create financial statements (I used to be a bookkeeper, so I'm at home with balance sheets and income statements and like seeing my finances laid out that way)

Things I don't care about:
- downloading transactions from my bank/credit card account (I enter everything by hand; I don't want to wait till it hits the bank to record it, I want it there now)
- online bill pay (I use my bank's online payment service; it's free, and they charge ridiculous fees to use an outside service)
- budgeting (I get a good enough sense of where I'm at just by looking at my bank statement and bills)

I'm not planning to upgrade to Lion immediately, but I'm sure I will eventually, and I want to be ready when the time comes.
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*points to the subject line*

Anyone know of one? I know there's one for LJ, but if there's something else that's no/low-fuss to configure for DW, I'd love to know. I've got a 4th gen iPod touch.

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I am amused - but in retrospect, not surprised - that a hot topic on Macintouch right now is migrating email from Eudora to something that will run under 10.7.

Does anyone here feel locked into any Rosetta apps? Any other thoughts on the new OS?

I am lazy and only have 10.6 running on my newest Mac which came with it preinstalled. My laptop is still running 10.5. I am interested in other people's experiences with upgrades, though!

The Heist

May. 24th, 2011 08:28 pm
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Macheist is doing a new promotion in the form of an iOS app called "The Heist".

It costs 99 cents but is worth it for the puzzles it includes, which are of four familiar types. Once you've solved enough puzzle levels, you get a prize: an activation code for the Steam game called Eets, which is normally worth $10.

I was expecting to unlock another iOS app, not a Mac/PC game, but hey, I'll take it.

Have fun!
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Paintbrush is similar to MS Paint, but for Mac OS X. It's most famous usage just might be in making Hyperbole And A Half.

App Store

Jan. 7th, 2011 08:09 pm
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Anyone tried it yet? Experiences? Opinions?

I still haven't gotten around to updating to 10.6 on my laptop, so I haven't had a chance to poke around yet. I've been seeing mentions of huge price drops on existing software, though, which is a pleasant surprise. For example, Aperture is reportedly $79 after retailing for $199 on a disc.
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Available to anyone with a previous version of VMware or any version of Parallels Desktop.
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Scribefire, an extension that's previously been available for Firefox users, now runs on Safari. The good news here is, it recognized Dreamwidth with any jumping through hoops!

As a blogging tool, it's very spare, but it works as a quick post on the fly thing. Very simple, and it also allows one to edit previous entries, as well as write drafts. You can use HTML or RTE mode.

Safari 5

Jun. 10th, 2010 10:30 pm
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Has anyone here tried Safari 5 yet? I'm mostly hearing about the new extension support, which... well, if I wanted extension support, I'd already be using Firefox.
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15% off new purchases of TextExpander3 (normally $35) with the coupon code CREATE0510 until June 15.


May. 12th, 2010 10:33 pm
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Portal is not only now available for the Mac; it's free from now until May 24.
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Hi, everyone.
I just came across the humble indie bundle.
I think, this is an awesome opportunity to get some really cool games for a fair price - and you even decide what the fair price is!
Buy some awesome indie games (thinking of world of goo and penumbra here) and please: Spread the word. I'd love to see this thing becoming a huge success.
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Digiarty Software is giving away free copies of WinX DVD Ripper for the Mac until May 1, 2010.


This seems to be a ported version of WinX DVD Ripper, a native Windows program, but hey, free DVD ripper, and backups of DVDs which can be played on numerous devices such as the iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc., never a bad thing, right?

To download, go to; that's where you find the relevant license key.

(h/t to Six Revisions.)
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The community [community profile] iapps was just promoted, and I thought I'd mention it here since it's the other side of the spectrum of [community profile] macapps and there might be an overlap of interest!
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MacHeist nanoBundle 2 is up and running starting tonight and for the next week. As usual, more apps are unlocked as more bundles are sold. Also, they have several charity partners from which to choose to receive 25% of the $19.95 purchase price.
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If you do web development, this might be useful to know about Safari. You can open up the terminal and use these commands to enable some of the built in debugging tools:

defaults write IncludeInternalDebugMenu 1 
defaults write WebKitDeveloperExtras -bool true

I don't know much about what the debug menu does, but the developer extras is quite useful. You'll need to restart the browser before it works. Right click on the screen, and then select "Inspect Element" to see the interface.
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This may be just a *bit* esoteric, but I found the solution to X11 windows being opened too large for my laptop screen while using ssh -X:

defaults write org.x.X11 wm_limit_size -bool true

Then restart X or do:

killall -HUP quartz-wm
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I think I have finally found a Twitter app I like well enough to stick with. It's called Itsy and is available here:


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