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As seen on TUAW. We've mentioned Scrivener before. Here's a summary of the promotion:

  • extended demo period until Dec 7 if you download the trial version before Nov 1

  • successful completion of NaNoWriMo entitles you to 50% off starting Dec 2

  • others can still receive 20% off using promo code NANOWRIMO

It's not immediately clear to me if the promotional discounts can be combined with the regular $5 educational discount for those who qualify as students. My guess is probably not, though.
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Following up on my post from yesterday, I found a great list of writing tools on the Scrivener website. They include:

A bunch of other programs too, and a brief description of each. Definitely worth checking out the whole list.

Every Mac user should probably have at least one of these programs at their disposal. Personally, I use OmniOutliner in combination with BBEdit and TextEdit to get me through the day, but if I ever embarked on a serious writing project, I'd look at either Ulysses or Scrivener.


Sep. 16th, 2009 09:41 pm
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I just saw a link to a writing program called Ulysses: http://www.the-soulmen.com/ulysses/

It looks pretty awesome. Has anyone here used it or anything similar?
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Here's a list of a few well-known options in each "editors" category I've listed so far (not including the behemoth Microsoft or Adobe apps that everyone knows but probably can't afford). If you have more programs to add, please comment! If you want to review a particular program or compare similar programs, please do so in a new post!

Editors: Audio Editors: Code Editors: PDF
  • PDFpen ($50)
  • Skim (Free)
  • Preview (included with Mac OS X)
Editors: Pictures Editors: Word Processing