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I just got a notice from Quicken saying that Quicken for Mac will not work on Lion, so anyone planning to upgrade their OS will have to switch to another money management app. They want to sell me Quicken Essentials, their "lite" version of Quicken, but a quick scan of reviews says Quicken Essentials is awful, and besides, I'm not inclined to give Quicken any more of my money if they're going to abandon their Mac users like that.

So, for the first time in forever, I'm in the market for a new money app. I've downloaded demos of iBank and Money and so far I hate them both with a passion, but I'll keep fiddling with them until the trial periods run out and see if I can make do with either one.

Does anyone here have any experience with these or any other Mac financial app?

Things I want:
- ability to schedule recurring transactions
- reminders for upcoming bills
- track investments (mutual funds, IRAs, TDAs)
- create financial statements (I used to be a bookkeeper, so I'm at home with balance sheets and income statements and like seeing my finances laid out that way)

Things I don't care about:
- downloading transactions from my bank/credit card account (I enter everything by hand; I don't want to wait till it hits the bank to record it, I want it there now)
- online bill pay (I use my bank's online payment service; it's free, and they charge ridiculous fees to use an outside service)
- budgeting (I get a good enough sense of where I'm at just by looking at my bank statement and bills)

I'm not planning to upgrade to Lion immediately, but I'm sure I will eventually, and I want to be ready when the time comes.


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