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*points to the subject line*

Anyone know of one? I know there's one for LJ, but if there's something else that's no/low-fuss to configure for DW, I'd love to know. I've got a 4th gen iPod touch.

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Scribefire, an extension that's previously been available for Firefox users, now runs on Safari. The good news here is, it recognized Dreamwidth with any jumping through hoops!

As a blogging tool, it's very spare, but it works as a quick post on the fly thing. Very simple, and it also allows one to edit previous entries, as well as write drafts. You can use HTML or RTE mode.
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If you have more programs to add, please comment! If you want to review a particular program or compare similar programs, please do so in a new post! If you have ideas for other tags, just let me know!

Web: Blogging
MarsEdit ($30)
Popular blog writing tool.
NetNewsWire (Free)
Probably the best RSS reader available for any platform.
MacJournal ($35)
Another blog creation tool; appears to include everything but the kitchen sink.
Web: Browsers
Camino (Free)
My personal favorite. I recommend the 2.0 beta over the current stable release.
Firefox (Free)
Best known for its infinite number of extensions.
Safari (Free)
Included with Mac OS X; these days it's also available for Windows.
Web: Development
Coda ($99)
Integrated development environment for building web sites. Highly recommended.
Transmit ($30)
File transfer client. Supports FTP, SFTP & WebDAV.
CSSEdit (€30)
Specialized editor for CSS development.