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  1. Macheist 4 is in progress, which means you get to play fun free games and win free software! The free games are very well done (imho) and are available from http://macheist.com/missions for both OS X 10.7+ and iOS.

  2. Rogue Amoeba, makers of fine audio software including Audio Hijack Pro and Fission, are having a tenth anniversary sale. Through the end of September, you can get $10 off any of their products (new purchases, not upgrades) if you purchase through their web site. Here's the link: http://rogueamoeba.com/store/deals/TenthAnniversary.php

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Available to anyone with a previous version of VMware or any version of Parallels Desktop.

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15% off new purchases of TextExpander3 (normally $35) with the coupon code CREATE0510 until June 15.
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Hi, everyone.
I just came across the humble indie bundle.
I think, this is an awesome opportunity to get some really cool games for a fair price - and you even decide what the fair price is!
Buy some awesome indie games (thinking of world of goo and penumbra here) and please: Spread the word. I'd love to see this thing becoming a huge success.
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It look like for the next three and a halfish hours, there's a special going on for VMWare Fusion 2 in their Gold Box area for $26.99. Figured I'd pass on this info in case anybody else needs a virtualizer on the cheap! Another option is VirtualBox, which is open source and free.
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As seen on TUAW. We've mentioned Scrivener before. Here's a summary of the promotion:

  • extended demo period until Dec 7 if you download the trial version before Nov 1

  • successful completion of NaNoWriMo entitles you to 50% off starting Dec 2

  • others can still receive 20% off using promo code NANOWRIMO

It's not immediately clear to me if the promotional discounts can be combined with the regular $5 educational discount for those who qualify as students. My guess is probably not, though.