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Hi everyone. I realize this might be a rather odd question given the scope of this comm, but here goes anyway. I need to know if there is any way of taking a screenshot on a Mac. Please allow me to elaborate. I recently registered on a job-related website which is similar in scope to LinkedIn, but with some differences. For one thing, this site is a bit more accessible with Apple's on-board screen reader than LinkedIn. Or at least most of it is. Here's the part that is not accessible, at least as far as I can tell. I've logged into the site to post some comments and do a couple other things. However, the site automatically logs me out only after 5 or so minutes. I've tried contacting them about this, but nobody has responded. Hence my need for a screenshot. There is not even an indication that the site is automatically logging users out, or at least no audible indication. I'm not sure this issue is specifically related to the screen reader in use either, because I tried changing some relevant settings on my Mac but I'm still being logged out constantly. Here is a link to the portal to which I'm referring, but this seems to happen on all of AFB's sites. https://is.gd/wWdltg .
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Summary: TextWrangler is no longer in active development, but you can now use BBEdit without a license for a comparable set of editing features.
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Wondering if any of you have used, or heard of, this app? http://accessibility-fail.dreamwidth.org/64665.html
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Hi everybody. Yesterday I scheduled a Genius Bar appointment for Monday afternoon at one of the Apple stores in my area. I've been having a memory issue on my MacBook Air for a little while, and we think we know what's causing it but we want someone at the Genius Bar to take a look. The confirmation email I got yesterday said for me to back up my system prior to the appointment, and I'm wondering which method is preferred here. I was originally going to purchase an external hard drive, but then my father suggested I'd be better off using iCloud. A tutor and I recently tried to set up iCloud on my MacBook but ran into a bit of difficulty. I use Apple's on-board screen reader and it seems to work pretty well with iCloud, but we couldn't quite figure out how to set everything up. Another suggestion my tutor made is Google Drive, and he said some of his coworkers at school use it and like it. When he and I checked the amount of space for iCloud, we found out that it starts out at 5 gb which he said would probably not be enough for everything I have on here. I checked on Apple's support site and think I saw something about using a thumbdrive. I have 2 of those, but they both contain mp3 files. So would a cloud-based service be necessary or is Time Machine good enough? That also seems pretty accessible with the screen reader on here. Thanks in advance for anyone's assistance.
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Hi everyone. Subject line pretty much sums it up. This comm hasn't been updated in awhile, and I'm wondering if the mods could include http://www.applevis.com as a possible resource? This is a website that discusses Apple's accessibility features for those of us who are visually impaired. I registered on there a year or so ago and have found it to be very good for the most part. Not everyone on there uses a Mac though, which I suppose is a bit of a drawback. Additionally, there's a certain user on there who says she wants to help out but her spelling is atrocious. She's actually posted stuff on there before with no errors, which makes me think she is being careless. Nobody in this comm though.

To that end I also have a question. I've been experiencing an issue on my MacBook where the amount of free disk space has decreased rather drastically. When I first got this computer as a Christmas gift in 2013, it had 120.11 gb of free space. I got a SuperDrive about a year ago for Christmas, which I was using to import my vast CD collection into iTunes. That whole process went very well, but once everything was complete I noticed something a bit odd. That is, the amount of free disk space had gone down to about 6 gb. I deleted some things on here in hopes of getting more free space back, including some voices used for the on-board screen reader. That seems to have helped a bit, and now I'm at about 27 gb free. In addition, I noticed a few days ago that the maximum on here is now 120.12 gb. I think I'm finally going to try and bite the bullet and take this machine into my local Apple store, if and when someone can go with me at a time that works for everyone. But I'm wondering if anybody here knows of any other tricks I can try. Someone mentioned audio formats as a possible cause of the memory decrease, but I can't figure out a way to verify that or anything. I do still have all or most of my CDs handy, so I could always re-import them if I had to. This is a mid-2013 MacBook Air running the latest build of OS X El Capitan.
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Hello all. I just joined this comm and hope somebody sees this. First a bit of background, and then my question. I am a relatively new Mac user, and I use Apple's on-board screen reader VoiceOver. I've had my MacBook for a year and a half, and love it. But what I don't love is that I cannot access much in-person training for it. The only in-person training that is available around here is at one or more of the store locations, at least from what I've been told. However, I am unable to get there independently due to limited travel skills. I would be happy to take paratransit to one or more of these training sessions, but due to a serious budget crisis the ADA paratransit service here has become rather limited. The people with whom I work and live have busy schedules, and aren't always available to take me places. Therefore, I have been avoiding making an appointment to go in for more training, out of fear that nobody will be available to take me. For the most part this hasn't presented too big a problem, since VoiceOver is so fully integrated into Apple's products these days. I have previously had a lot of computer experience in Windows and DOS, so I think a lot of this Mac stuff has just come naturally to me. My mom and I attended a training session at our local Apple store just after I got this computer, and the session went very well. We were well-prepared ahead of time, and the trainer did a wonderful job.

Having said all that here is my question. Is there anywhere online I can look for an easy-to-understand guide about iTunes that is up-to-date? I've checked Apple's website and although everything is very accessible, they don't seem to offer much in the way of what I'm seeking. AppleVis is another very good resource, but they currently don't offer an updated guide either. Furthermore, whenever I try to post a question a lot of the time I'll get back replies with multiple spelling and/or grammar errors which make it rather difficult to follow what the person is trying to say. iTunes seems to be great in terms of accessibility for the most part, but there's a lot to it and some of the interface is a bit confusing to me. I'm running iTunes 12.2 on a mid-2013 MacBook Air with OS X version 10.10.3 .
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This one focuses on software that won Apple Design Awards. $19.99 for 8 apps (9 if ScreenFlow unlocks). Ends tomorrow! http://macheist.com/
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These are a couple recommended utility apps that I might want to try out at some point, but haven't yet, and am going to share them here so I will have a reference in case I need them later:

HUSH -- silences the notification center for a given amount of time, free
Bartender -- helpful for managing the awkward proliferation of menu bar apps, trial + buy at $15
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I have a MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard. I already make regular backups to an external hard drive, but I'd like to add an offsite backup as well. Does anyone have recs or anti-recs of backup services to share? I'm currently leaning toward CrashPlan.
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I saw mention this week of a new version of Microsoft Office that is available for Mac, PC, and Surface, but not iPad, despite last year's rumors that a version for the iPad would debut in early 2013. Of course, there are third-party solutions and alternatives, but if you're like me and refuse to edit your spreadsheets in anything other than Excel, this article may be of interest: Run Office on your iPad.

It covers three similar iPad apps that connect to a Windows server In The Cloud(tm) to run Office remotely: CloudOn, Nivio, and OnLive Desktop. The latter two sound like VNC services, but CloudOn seems to have a native Office interface, and is also available for Android.

Anyway, just putting this here to file it under "Things That Look Cool, That I'm Not Going To Try Right Now, But Might Be Really Useful For Someone Else."
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Soulver is on the Mac App store and it is like, $20, which feels kind of ridiculous for such a narrow focused app when normally I buy apps at $5 when on impulse but it also hits some kind of deep craving in me for doing math scratchwork on the computer instead of on paper, so it didn't take a lot of convincing for me to take the plunge. The overview is quite good about what the program is like.

I love how you can make a whole chain of calculations with variables, change one at the top, and it cascades down the line.

If it sounds awesome but $20 is too steep, a version is available on the iPhone, too, for $3.
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If anybody upgrades, could you report on the outcome?
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  1. Macheist 4 is in progress, which means you get to play fun free games and win free software! The free games are very well done (imho) and are available from http://macheist.com/missions for both OS X 10.7+ and iOS.

  2. Rogue Amoeba, makers of fine audio software including Audio Hijack Pro and Fission, are having a tenth anniversary sale. Through the end of September, you can get $10 off any of their products (new purchases, not upgrades) if you purchase through their web site. Here's the link: http://rogueamoeba.com/store/deals/TenthAnniversary.php

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Cat Nip: A clever program to lock down your keyboard if your cat should just so happen to start playing on the keyboard
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I'd wondered why they kept updating it for so long; it's because they dropped VBA from Office 2008. That feature set was restored in Office 2011. Office 2008 support will end 15 months from now.
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This is a topic I've had at the back of my mind for quite a while but haven't explored until today.

I got an email from Delicious reminding me that their site is migrating and all my data is belong to them. Since I used it more as a simple organizer for my own bookmarks than anything else, I'm looking at Mac software that will more flexibly fill that same gap, plus allow me to organize stuff I've starred in Google Reader and stashed in temporary files on my desktop. A digital junk drawer, if you will.

Here are the contenders I've unearthed so far:

(DEVONthink was previously mentioned in our writing tools thread as well.)

Together and EagleFiler use the file system for storage and organization, which means you can access your data in the Finder and Spotlight as well as within their applications, and their libraries easily integrate with Dropbox for backup and browser access.

The other four all have iOS companion apps: Evernote free, Yojimbo $10, DEVONthink $15, ShoveBox $4. The Yojimbo iOS client is read-only.

Evernote is unusual in that it stores all of your info on the web and either you pay a service fee or you see ads. That means you can access your information from any web browser, but it raises the issues of privacy and data portability. The others have free trial versions that expire after a certain period of time.

Thanks to MacHeist, I already have license keys for ShoveBox and the previous major version of DEVONthink Personal. I will try those first and if neither one satisfies me, I'll probably try Evernote after that.

If you have experience with any of these or a different alternative to recommend, leave a comment!
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(x-posted from my journal)

So I was just thinking that I missed being able to automatically post the current music to LJ, back when I was using Xjournal. And that got me thinking about whether I could rig something up to just type the current track into the web form for me, right? Answer: Hell yes, I can! It is Applescript, and is predictably barbaric. Check it out:

Paste current iTunes track.scpt:

Some barbaric Applescript )

(I was originally going to just use the keystroke function to actually TYPE the text, instead of blowing away the clipboard, but this turns out to result in comedy for tracks with any non-ASCII characters.)

And then when I was about to post about how cool this was, I ran smack into how annoying it is to turn formatted RTF-ey text into a useful HTML fragment. So I wrote a script to do THAT for me, too. This one requires an external tool called "premailer," so you'll have to install that with gem.

This one SHOULD work with styled text copied from Word, TextEdit, or basically anywhere, but I haven't tested it very thoroughly yet.

Convert RTF clipboard to HTML fragment.scpt:

More barbaric Applescript )

As ever, just paste these into Applescript Editor, save them in ~/Library/scripts, and run them with FastScripts.


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